Hidden Treasure

A Movie trailer came on the other day. I have no idea for what movie but a line sprang out of it and landed on my heart.

“Never underestimate the power of Hidden treasure!”

If you believed there was treasure hidden in your backyard wouldn’t you spend hours every day and night with a shovel in your hand searching? Would blisters stop you? Would snow fall of a cold day or the scorching heat of summer? If you believed there were millions in Gold in your backyard nothing would stop you from finding it.

If you believed there was treasure available to you across town or across the globe would you risk life and limb? would you sell your house to finance the trip? After all what is the value of a house compared to the treasure that is in store?

Jesus said something about this in Matthew 13. He said the kingdom of God is like a hidden treasure and like an expensive pearl when you find it you will give up everything!

Friends, what if we are over thinking evangelism? What if we are over analyzing what it means to share our faith? What if evangelism is simply letting people know there is “Gold in them there hills!”  A treasure, actually, more valuable than Gold, silver, a precious gems; It is a treasure that has the ability not only to change lives but to reshape the entirety of the universe. Yes it is that big. It is the good news of Christ.

The good news that sin is forgiven and we can be in union with the creator.

The good news that says all things will be set right.

The good news that says justice will come and righteousness will reign and mercy and grace will be poured out on us.

The good news that says all things are being made new. They are being made new today and will finally be made new in completeness when the day of glory comes.

It is the good news of Christ.

So how do we let people know about this hidden treasure? It is simple. If you have found the treasure – simply go on a spending spree with it.

Grace you received – grace you give

Forgiveness you received – Forgiveness you give

Peace and comfort was dug up like a treasure – Peace and comfort you spend on others.

the message of the life, death and resurrection of Christ you heard and its this message you share.


Go in the grace of God, spending his resources on the world like they will never run out.

Pastor TJ